Sunday, 2 June 2013

design background

I have been involved in design since I was 15, I studied fashion, interior, jewelry and industrial design. I graduated in industrial design, and the past few years I have been working as a Digital designer and Marketing coordinator. Pottery has always been a hobby since I was little, introduce by my mother, whom is also passionate of this form of art. It has been a learning process throughout life, from hand building when I was still too young to master a wheel, to learning how to throw as a teenager and to the more in depth glazing and firing in adulthood. 

As a product designer I prefer to create functional pieces, at the same time that's aesthetically pleasing and be able to stand on it's own as a display piece. My pieces are deeply influenced by my life experience, where I traveled, and the things that has touched my heart. I adopt Asian style as it is my heritage, and Western style as my current influence of living in Melbourne, and from that I create my own style. I love to try different variation of themes and techniques, and not to be boxed in, that's why I have chosen these series to showcase. 

I'm really lucky to be able to put everything I have learnt to use, design methodology, color scheme, and materials from different design field. Learning about DSL and taking interior photos, to taking company product profiles. The path down to design is a long journey, just last year, I picked up Chinese brush painting and started to incorporate that into my pieces.

You can see my personal stamp on all my pieces, it is the last word of my mandarin name, pronounces "show", meaning gem like stone. I have the stamp as one of the feature of my piece as I wish they represents the sprite of my work. 

I hope one day I can design an interior of a house, design and manufacture the furniture inside, make the ceramic pieces that are on display, design the clothes and jewelry I am wearing, produce a recipe book and market all that internationally. That would be putting all my skills to use.