Monday, 30 November 2015

How I remember you - final work part 2

Continuing from previous post, the one on the left below is from the previous post.

I was making minor adjustments. I wanted to follow the photo but it made him looked sad (middle painting). Lighten the shadow on his head and leaving out the details and dark shades.

I used a different paper, they are both the same weight 280-300, I can't quite remember. But the previous one above is made in Taiwan and a lower grade paper for practicing. I bought it in bulk, so it was fairly cheap. 

The one below is Japanese paper, unfortunately they don't really specify what type or the differences. I only know the difference of origin. Not unless you bought it from a specialist store, they may know more. 

The paint I used was exactly the same, the mixture of color would be fairly similar. The colors on the Japanese paper are far more vibrant and transparent, and the different layers of color are much more obvious.