Monday, 30 November 2015

How I remember you - final work part 1

This is the draft from last post, the eyes are a little bit far apart or so I thought and the shadow on his face is not illustrated. It does capture his playfulness, the younger version of him.

Hence I painted the second one, with the eyes closer together. 

Turns out it wasn't the distant of his eyes, it was the size of the nose. The shadow on his face is illustrated but it is not quite right. 

The gaze looks like him, soft and happy, looking far away but very much aware of your present. 

He was always a little bit camera shy. In the past, when he spotted the camera, he would look away or walk away to avoid it. On odd occasions you get to catch him looking at the camera. 

I really like this one, the earlier versions I kept painting the younger him. The fur on his face has faded in the last few years, this reflect the period when the photo wa taken. Gentle and content. 

Here is the 3 versions next to each other, from left to right. You can see here that it the size of the nose and the improvement of the shadow on his face. Improvement