Tuesday, 20 October 2015

How I remember you - strive for improvement

This is rather embarrassing to be sharing this with the world as I feel the drawing below look like children's doodle but I wanted to show my work in progress. The strive for improvement. 

When my parents saw this, maybe because there are still in mourning as well, they really liked it and think that it looks like him.

But as I continue to get a little bit better understanding with the color of shadow, I realise I didn't have the right colors to do do the mix. Went to buy some paint because of it. 

In order for his face to pop, in needed a hint blue and violet that for the shadow. It is rarely something is pure white. 

It's getting close, it might be the portion of his head makes it not quite like him and I couldn't fix it because the more you overlap it would start to look dirty.

I overcompensate before with proportion face with this as it was meant to be an Labrador. But if you only look at his eyes it still looks right. He's got a really long eyelashes.

Something clicked, I don't know what it is, I decided to leave the background out as it is distracting. Finally, a draft that's good enough to work on. He looks like how I remembered. I'll talk about it more tomorrow!