Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Quick sketches of my dog - Dong (冬)Part 1

When I learned that my dog was ill, I began to do some quick sketches to capture the essence of him while I can. 

He is sitting by the table asking for treats. He was sitting on his leg, that's why it's missing from the drawing. 

Us out for a walk. He does his half wink with his right eyes, it is just so adorable.

Just happy to be around.

This is somethings we all do but don't say out loud to everyone, we talk to our dogs. I talked to him through FaceTime while on the call to my parents. Unfortunately Dong (冬) never quite understood the concept of video chat. How I know he knew it's me or that he heard me, is he when start looking around the house (we play hide and seek), or he would check the front door and my bedroom door, or he would bring the closest bath towel to the phone. 

When he responded, it's comforting. He sleeps a lot at the end, doesn't always come for the calls anymore.