Wednesday, 7 October 2015

A new beginning

It is a wonderful feeling to be handing this out. Looking back, when I was learning pottery as a kid, I have never thought that one day I could potentially sell them! Nor did I have the intention. Even just to get to the level of this finish, and others love them as much as I do is more than I imagined. Who knows what happens in the future. Have to thank you for all your support! 

I know I haven't updated anything for a long time, I been focusing on my career. Now I'm thinking I have to follow through, have to do both. It would actually do good for my career as well. I actually do have people visiting my website and appreciating my work. 

This is actually my retirement plan, I know it's extremely early to be planning for it. I believe in building things up step by step. I hoping after "the 10,000 hours" of pottery, I'll be the master like 阿本彌光悅。

Here is the new business card. 

I may or may not have explained the stamp on my work or on the business card. It's the last word of my name in mandarin, pronounced "hsiu"(琇), it actually sound more like "show", means gem like stone, I wanted to reinforce my identity. I thank my parents for the beautiful name.

I live and work in Australia, and I have to admit that it has changed who I am but I will never forget where I come from and my heritage. 

My end of year resolution (hurry get something in before the year finishes, so I feel like I have done something other then work) is to maintain the site, so please tune in and follow me, I'll update as often as I can.