Sunday, 11 October 2015

In memories of my beloved Dong Dong(冬冬)

He is named "Winter"(in Mandarin) as he came to us in the winter in 2001. It is our first large dog, at first we really didn't know how to handle him, it wasn't until we sent him to puppy school that we got really close afterwards. 

Dong became a very polite dog, he would stand at my bedroom door requesting for entry. It's hilarious to see a dog asking permission for entry. He makes minor noise by clicking his nails on the floor as he walks up to my bedroom door or knock the door with his head to get attention and uses his puppy eye technique, " May I enter your room? ". He waits patiently if I don't notice him, he will not enter without me giving him a look. 

One look he knows, we communicated without words.  

He does the same thing when he wants treats, we put the treats on top of the frig. If you have had a Labrador, you know what they can do if the treat is not high up. He would stare at us until he has our attention, and then look above the frig. 

As he grew older, he became more demanding. Still does the same thing but he gets inpatient from waiting for us to notice. He bark once, just once, not loud, just a "Hey, I been looking at you for a while, I think it's time for my treat.". 

What I really love about him is his character, he is not exactly the happy go lucky type of Labrador, he is particular and eccentric. He love crunchy lettuces and fruits - if it's not sour. Here is him grabbing a piece of lettuce. 

This next theme is dedicated to him, to some, this idea may be obscured but to the dog lovers, they are family and we hold them dear to our hearts. 

I still talk about him in present tense. I haven't tell anyone yet or speak about it till now, because I wasn't ready to let go, it feels as if it hasn't happen if I don't think or talk about it as I wasn't by his side.  My family was with him, but I was 7205km away and 2 months too late from my scheduled flight back to see him. The scheduled flight is coming up in a few weeks, hence it is becoming a reality. 

I will not be welcomed by him at the door. 

No one is going to sniff my suitcase with this intense interest of where it has been. 

Not going to be stared at for attention or be asked for treats by those eyes.