Friday, 9 October 2015

The next theme - to be continuted

Another reason for my absence and hesitant to publish another theme is because during this period that I was not as active, I found a local artist used the themes that I've developed, yes, more than one theme. 

I understand the up most form of compliment is imitation, in this day and age, nothing hasn't been done, said or thought of, but it is recognisable to the untrained eyes, even the angle and position of the drawing is identical initially. 

Also, the object of my theme doesn't exist in Australia, I know this because I wanted to keep them as pets but it's illegal to introduce foreign species to Australia. Furthermore, other than my themes that artist has only sourced from local subjects. 

Initially I took it as a compliment, however, the artist has take-off with it. Does make me kick myself for not being able to come out on top when I'm the original.

I'm sure you all had similar experiences, I want to make a note here, in case my new developed theme or any other previous themes get copied by the same artist again. So the world would know it's from me!!

Not putting relating photos to point fingers, just enjoy a photo from my trip to Japan. Beautiful Kimono at the lobby of a hotel in Ito.