Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Setting up at Northcote pottery

What an exciting thing to do, seeing months work being up there, although it isn't much but it's a wonderful feeling and a sense of accomplishment. 

I figure this is the best way to go, although it's not a gallery exhibition, but being able to set up a table full of my work is more than what I could have done at an group exhibition. Have to thank Northcote pottery and Emidio for putting me up for this. 
Here's some photos of the set up.

The competition pieces at the store window.

That's me checking to see if everything is lined up, with my mouth open going "Humm..."

More checking, the stamps face front, it's a compulsive disorder's paradise .

Setting up some lights, you can see it's really a table full~

The display at the corner, where the lighting is best. Slightly worried that because my glaze are satin glaze, it really need those gallery spot light on them to see the spots coming out.