Monday, 6 May 2013

Koi series

After my trip to China for work, I was inspired by a piece of artwork in Shanghai. I saw this wonderful Koi pond, they would come up whenever you walk by, I was really drawn by how they behaved. I made a series of white ceramic plates with water drops representation of water splashes they make as they swimming pass, to give you a sense of motion captured in a snap shot.

I adopted the style of Chinese brush painting that relies on free strokes and shuns details.and drawn basing on memory. 
I have drawn them in pairs, as you rarely see solitary Koi

First one here, two swimming towards each other, forming a circle. There are another two circling in different direction again.

The details are consistence to the base, you can see that there are water drop at the base of the bowl.

One swimming towards the base.

Another swimming toward the surface.

Second one, you have a smaller koi circling the larger koi that is resting. 

Another on that's resting at the base, avoiding the traffic.

Third one, the koi is swimming towards the surface, another in hiding at the edge.

Forth one, is only on it's own exploring, have a small glimpse at others. 

 Fifth one, the Koi are both swimming away.