Sunday, 18 October 2015

How I remember you

After drawing those sketches of Dong- my dog, I went through my entire photo collection to look for something that would represent my memory of him. 

I'm not that familiar with watercolor, last time I had an lesson was probably when I was 7. But I had a few lessons few years back on Chinese painting. I thought the principle will be the same, however, unfortunately I find that it's more they both use water and color paint. 

I made quite a few attempts at first with my old watercolor paints I had, I could not get the color right. It's always a bit dirty and grey. Of course my skills and ability to sketch are partly to blame. ( I'll show you later in another post)

I used my Chinese painting paint instead, to find that it made a tremendous differences. Turns out they were artist grade watercolor. 

I'm still trying to capture him, so when I show my parents and my sister, they would say, " nawww~~that really him." 

Hopefully you are able to recognize that it's him after reading my last few post.

That's him questioning if the food is eatable for him. Head slightly tilt, food identifing, now he just have to pop the question. With this~ 

(Pretty please~~~~ MOM~~~ ) his head gets heavier the longer he waits, I don't know how he does it, because I don't think his head is actually that heavy!

This is his face when we say "No~~ sorry Dong, what we are having, you can't have!" ("你不能吃啦!") He understands in mandarin "不能吃", meaning it's not things he can have, it's either salty,  spicy or too oily. He just ages 10 years in a blink when he hears that and give you the face of disbelieve. Look at his cute sad face. 

However, I think there is nothing more fitting than our last walk at the park away from the city, this is how I remembered him. With the big huge smile on his face!