Monday, 23 September 2013

2013 Australian Craft Awards - selection of cups

Unique pieces for the unique individuals. Enjoy a piece of art in your everyday life, something you can touch and use, that expresses yourself. That is not mass manufactured, provides ergonomic hold with different texture, satisfy your sensation in visual, touch and taste. Enhance the experience of drinking tea, like the Japanese tea ceremony. 

The purpose of my collections are to bring joy to people through the appreciation of the beauty in ceramic, and carry the passion from one to another in our daily life. 

The stamp you see on the pieces is the last word of my Mandarin name, pronounced “show”, meaning Jade like stone. I stamp this on my pieces in hope that it will be as what the word represents. 

The base of the cups
porcelain-black porcelain-red raku-warm sculpture-mix of raku and porcelain